Monday, July 28, 2008

Vocabulary Rescind

Ok, so there are somethings that push my buttons and put me into a haze where I happily plot the downfall of others. However, sometimes in my rage I do a disservice to some people, and I am woman enough to admit when I cross lines and such. Case in point, I sometimes use the word "retarded" to describe actions and or people that I find to be ignorant, annoying, dumb, or just plain stupid. This however is not a good term to use as it does not reflect well on the population of people who genuinely do fall into that category.

So hence forth the use of that term in ire has been rescinded and will be applied solely to those who fit the clinical definition of the term, and in such context as is appropriate.

That does not however mean that I will stop calling people out for dumb ass behaviours. So to that end, people or things that I find to be ignorant, annoying, dumb, or just plain stupid will be referred to as simple bastards.


metgirl4ever said...

I say "retarded" all of the time. I guess I will have to use Simple Bastards as well. One of my oldies but goodies I had to use to describe a guy who was acting like a p#$$y is "douche bag".

The Ranting Auntie said...

hmm... "douche bag"... I like that.. will add to my list.. actually I can think of several people right this minute to whom that applies...