Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Project Runway

... OF.THE.DEVIL ...

Ok so the new season of Project Runway started tonight. In fact it is on right now. I am watching it, and hating myself for doing so. Here is a sampling of things that I have yelled at my television so far:

1. Jesus wept... at my first glimpse of the contestants

2. Dear God why... at the abundance of flaming men (seriously do they have a quota or something?)

3. Lord Jesus... at the chick who was in the produce section...WTFF are you doing!??!?! (side note: the judges liked this. obviously I have no understanding of fashion...)

4. oh Jesus...Jesus...Jesus... at whatever the hell that hot mess rainbow brite stripped leggings booty short combo thing that chick was wearing

5. and finally (I YELLED this at the top of my lungs by the way) THE DEVIL IS A LIAR!!! the season 1 guy... was that little boy blue that came across the street!?!?!?!? WTF children, WTFF was that?!?!?!

I hate you Bravo network. I HATE YOU!!!

{although I would like to say thank you to the judges for taking that Blayne dude (I HATE THAT NAME) down a peg}

I am going to take a shower now... I feel dirty...

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metgirl4ever said...

I know there are some straight male designers in this world that are qualified - why not select, I don't know 3 or 4 of them so we can have some diversity! Jerry, the guy who made the outfit that Christian Bale wore in American Psycho, had the nerve to judge others clothing as "trash". . .pot, kettle, hmm?? If your speciality is making pants, why are you wearing peppermint leggings w/lingerie and not one of your designs!! If for nothing else, advertise your product. Thank God lil boy blue was only a guest job. . .that lisp would kill me if i had to hear it all season long!

AND FINALLY! I yelled EEK !! when I saw the dude with the big eyes and teeth who tans ENTIRELY to much. He looked like a creature from Lord of the Rings!!

I can't wait for next weeks show. :-)