Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gratuitous Kindness

Do you know how annoying it is to feel as though you constantly have to repeat yourself to people because they just do not listen? People who always want to be nice or do things for you as an act of gratuitous kindness. Who just cannot take no for an answer, and cannot believe that you are on to their schemes. How many ways can you say the word NO? (please do not feel the need to be a(n) (insert appropriate insulting adjective here) ass at this point and start pointing out the ways to say NO in different languages).

Further more, how can that be misinterpreted or how can there still be hope for a change? COME ON!!! Like Charlie Brown says; “GOOD GRIEF!!!” It makes me just want to scream to the top of my lungs, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

If you feel a compelling urge to be nice to someone, or do something for them, well then good for you. Aren’t you just special? (insert sarcastic rolling of eyes here), However it should be noted that there are some ground rules (based primarily on a rudimentary understanding of common sense principles) that need to be applied.

A quid pro quo (what for what) attitude IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!!.

How many times has someone done (what you thought) was a nice thing for you, and just as you open your mouth to utter a heartfelt thank you they toss out the smarmy used car salesman image inducing “now remember what I did for you … doesn’t it show how I care … you should care the same way too” line, or something in a similar vein.

Blowing your own horn basically makes you look like a self-serving butt munch, or a pimp+, either prospect is not as Martha would say “a good thing”.

You know that person who makes the big donation to the (insert charitable or well deserving group or person here)…but calls a press conference or puts a full page ad in a paper to announce it…

No backsies

You know what I mean. No other example need be given.

If you can’t do something nice out of the genuine kindness of your heart, possibly due to the fact that instead of a heart you have a black hole, but that is another rant, then do us all a favor and save it. Gratuitous kindness is pointless.

+ exceptions: Snoop, Katt, or a Pimp Named Slick Back

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