Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Simple Bastards II

I had so much fun doing this yesterday that I figured why not make it a weekly thing. So here in no particular order is my list of Simple Bastards for the week:

Al Sharpton - Simple "man perm wearing, ignorance spewing, so NOT the voice of the black people" Bastard

Nancy Grace - Simple "dumb behind has no business reporting news and why do you look like that???" Bastard

Tom Cruise - Simple "couch jumping, Oprah scaring, done lost his damn mind" Bastard

Sting ray - Simple "Crocodile Hunter killing (I am STILL upset about that)" Bastard*

This Chick - Simple "you just made me throw up in my mouth with your nasty ghetto hot mess self" Bastard

Her Man - Simple "how is it that you can buy all the "ice" yet your dumb behind is still living in your momma's basement/on your momma's couch, hey baby can I holla atchu fu a minute, can't speak proper english, saggin pant wearing, nasty ass" Bastard

The week has a few more days to go. I may have to revisit and update this list.

*yeah yeah yeah.. whatever... I know it is not a person, but as it is my blog I can pretty much do and say what I want.

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Queen of the smack a Ho's said...

Yes Yes, just saw a women dressed similar to the picture on 34th street the other day. She couldn't even walk in her 6 in CFMs, It was too early for the club hour