Sunday, March 29, 2009

What's not to understand?

So what had happened was...

I had a falling out with a person with the XY chromosome makeup (calling them a man would be doing a disservice to the word) a while back and after all was said and done, my name called out repeatedly, "lies told on me and to me" and months on end of having to deal with the general ignorance and maliciousness of some people, I told said person to never speak to or have any contact with me because I wanted nothing to do with them.

Now I thought I was VERY specific in what I said. I made it abundantly clear by word and by deed that this person no longer existed in my reality. I deleted phone numbers, got a private number, go the other way if I see them coming towards me, or leave the room if I have to. I mean how much clearer can I possibly be?

So tell me good people, WHY DO THEY STILL TRY TO SPEAK TO ME!?!?!?! Why do they still try to get me to acknowledge them if our paths happen to cross???

To quote Katt, "Nigga is you CRAZY?!?!?!?"

Pride can be a double edged sword sometimes. On the one hand it is a good thing to take pride in yourself and your accomplishments and let that be a guide for how you live your life and for wanting to be a better person. On the other hand when it is misplaced it can get you killed, punched in the throat, or hit in the face with a rock (thanks sis, I may have to use this if it comes to it).

I am starting to think that this someone is one of those people who has a misplaced sense of pride due to the fact that they have been able to get away with a lot of foolishness in their life and they are not used to anyone calling them on their bull. Is it that their ego cannot accept the fact that there is someone who will not let them off the hook? Are they not able to process the fact that they could not talk their way out of or pass the blame onto another and are being held accountable for their actions? Maybe (and this is the one that I think is probably the case) they cannot believe that they are not God's gift to the opposite sex.

That shyte right there nigga!!!! (I do love Katt.. I really do)

At the end of the day I think they are hung up on the fact that there is someone who they could not get over on and that presents a challenge to them. So they figure that eventually I will cave and talk to them. As B said, "you must not know 'bout me, you must not know 'bout me..." I really have nothing to say to nor do I want anything to do with them, and am actually somewhat annoyed that I have to work so hard to get my point across. I mean CTFON! Get over yourself and deal... Sheesh...

Friday, March 13, 2009

The "I'm not Him" Conundrum

Have you ever met someone or found yourself being the someone who is trying so hard not to be identified with their predecessor that they or you end up doing things that are actually worse than or just as bad as them?

While I was not the biggest fan of former president Bush, I agreed with some of his policies. As the term of our new president unfolds I cannot help but wonder at or be concerned that there may be too much of a push to be the polar opposite of the last administration. I am concerned that in the effort to follow through on the promises of change that some of the things that have worked well will be sacrificed simply because of their ties to the past. I don't think it is ever wise to cut off your nose to spite your face. If something has been working then it should stay in place. As the saying goes, "if it ain't broke don't fix it". It is my sincerest hope that this new administration will focus more on doing what is right for the country as a whole, than on being the polar opposite of the last administration.