Thursday, February 12, 2009

What did you call me!!!

I am sometimes very troubled by the stupidity of the human race. I am genuinely perplexed at times at some of the idiotic things that are done and the fact that people cannot see that it is stupid or problematic.

Take this for example.

I saw this picture and just about died. I really did. Now here is the thing, when I first looked at the shirt I thought "WTFF!!!! someone actually printed that on a shirt?" It really took me a bit of staring to actually understand that is was about the song, but let me tell you I doubt too many people would have spent as much time as I did trying to figure it out.

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I am so going to hell for this statement but I don't really care... you mean to tell me that there were NO Spanish speaking people ANYWHERE in the organisation that picked up on this? NONE... REALLY... NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON!?!?!?!?!? Not even in the sweatshops where they are probably produced!!??!?!?!? (I am kidding... maybe... not)
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This is just too much for me... really too much... On the report card of life the House of Deron gets an EPIC FAIL for this bit of foolishness.

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metgirl4ever said...

i love the song but when i saw the pic, all i saw was a spanish insult