Monday, February 9, 2009

How Rude!!

So my friend was telling me about how she was looking for a parking space and came upon a guy who was in his car...taking up 2 parking spaces. So she toots the horn and asks him to pull up a bit so she can park. He won't. She gets out of her car with her cane (should I mention that my friend has a bad hip AND has a handicap tag in her car, AND has to use a cane or crutches right now, AND is getting ready for hip surgery, but I digress) and goes up to his car to ask, nicely if he would please move up instead of taking up two spots. He wouldn't. Seriously. He wouldn't.

In the words of Stephanie Tanner...


What happened to good old fashioned manners and courtesy?

Too often I am on the bus or train and a pregnant woman, or elderly person will get on and nothing happens. NOTHING. No one makes a move. Finally what usually happens is that a woman will get up to let them sit down while all the guys don't even bat an eyelash. Last year I hurt my ankle and had to wear an ankle brace and walk with a cane for a while. My first time having to take the train, a whole row of guys watched me gimp on to the full train and just stared at me. An older lady sitting across from them gave them the side eye then got up to let me sit down. I would see her each morning on the train and she would hold a seat for me. Call me old fashioned if you want, but I think that a real man/gentleman would and should give up their seat for the elderly, someone pregnant, or someone with a physical issue.

How have things changed, and what has happened to make people so apathetic and careless?

I so do wish I knew, and am worried for the future generations who will have no sense of decency and decorum.

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Anonymous said...

Last Friday night in Memphis, one man shot and killed another in a parking lot after an argument about how close the shooter's Hummer was parked to the victim's Yukon!! Seriously, it was a parking space! Both families had to witness this senseless act. Of course, the defense attorneys are saying that we haven't heard the entire story. BTW - both of these men were in their 50s!!! I'm sure their children got good examples of anger management while growing up. You are right, the world is a cold, rude place. Thank goodness there are still some people who were raised right and know how to act.