Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bowl Blogging... My thoughts while watching the game

Thought it would be fun to do this so...

Opening Ceremonies:
Flight 1549 Crew... very cool
Jennifer Hudson... That gurl can SANG

OMG DID YOU SEE THE GI JOE TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First Quarter:
I like Hines Ward... I really do
I can see why they call him Big Ben... 6'5 240lbs... I wonder how many fights he wins by default of being that size
Way to defend the line Arizona, and good eyes Whizzy.. the knee was down
I wonder what type of conditioner Polamalu uses?

RUN BEN RUN!!! ha ha ha ha ha... good scramble

Mr & Mrs Potato Head commercial *DEAD*

Second Quarter:
Larry Fitzgerald reminds me of one of my cousins. Really. Hmmm, must look into this.
Kurt Warner got skills
Breaston = Beaston? maybe?
Way to use you head Harrison. Literally.

Ok is anyone else somewhat disturbed by the new Chester Cheetah? Seriously. Dude creeps me out.

That was quite a finish. Good game so far by both teams. Should be interesting going into the locker rooms and an even better second half.

Halftime Show:
Well, that's why they call him The Boss.

Third Quarter:
Whizzy has good eyes and a good head on his shoulders. Two for two on the challenges.
Roughing the passer, unnecessary roughness... yeah that kinda sucks for the Cards, great for the Steel Curtain, lets see what they do with a second chance.


Fourth Quarter:
Ok so I am really enjoying the commercials this time around. I have had some real laugh out loud moments. That Mean Joe Greene send up was chuckle worthy.
Fitzgerald has ups, serious ups.
You know in a game where you are allowed to hit people it amazes me how many scuffles ensue. Like seriously have you not gotten to hit enough people yet?
Well damn Pitt... a safety.. ugly man, real ugly. UGLY you ain't got no alibi.
He can jump and he can run, Fitzgerald is a regular multitasker isn't he.

Wrap up:
Whew! what a game! I know there were a lot of people who didn't watch because they figured it would be cake walk for the Steelers, but Arizona showed up and brought their A+ game. Kudos on a job well done. Both teams played well right down to the end. Arizona came in as the underdog and though they did not win the game they showed why and how it is that they came to be there. Kurt Warner is a class act. He is a veteran player who a lot of people counted out when he came to Arizona as a back up quarter back, but in my opinion he acquitted himself quite nicely in this game. The Arizona defense deserves a shout out for holding off the Steel Curtain at some key points in the end zone. You hear so much about the vaunted Steel Curtain, but Arizona showed that there are some bad birds out there in the dessert. Hats off to Pittsburgh for the win, to Arizona for playing four quarters of gut wrenching ball, and to Kurt Warner for being a class act and a very good definition of endurance and perseverance.


metgirl4ever said...

Woo hoo...Pitt won!! I was only one in house rooting for grandma was rooting w/me till Cards pulled ahead and then she jumped shipped faster than you can say touchdown. For the first time in a while, I'm excited about the movies list now consists of the following: XMen orgins:Wolverine, Watchmen, GI Joe, Fast&Furious, and Transformers 2. I CAN'T WAIT!! What a great night!!

Sam said...

I haven't seen the national anthem done that well since Whitney back in the day.

The Ranting Auntie said...

I have said the same thing to many people regarding Jennifer Hudson's rendition of the national anthem, and have seen others make the same assessment on other blogs. Good people have SUNG the anthem, but not since Whitney (in my opinion) has anyone SANG the anthem. Know what I mean...