Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Go Sat Down!

Some one really needs to tell Kanye West to go SAT his ignorant behind down and get over himself. Really.

So I am a day behind on this but whatever, football was on so I didn't have time to watch the first broadcast of the MTV Video Music Awards, but true to form MTV re-airs things like fifty eleven times, so I dvr'd the re-air last night (because I was again watching football). During a commercial break I happened to flip over to MTV and had the pleasure of watching Mr. Kanye "Bush doesn't like black people" West once again be a total douche bag and ruin what should have been a happy moment for Taylor Swift.

Ok, Kanye, we get it, you like Bey. Most of us do. Even if you hate her, you cannot deny that she goes hard in her shows and works her butt off, but she is NOT the greatest entertainer that ever lived, and maybe not even of this generation. Furthermore I am sure that she does not need you to confirm her status. That is what she has Jigga for (I kid. Maybe.)

I for one thought Bey was going to win that one, and like Taylor Swift (seriously did you see her face, she was surprised and confused) was pleasantly surprised when they called her name. She herself even stated that she didn't think someone who sang country would get the award. She showed humility and grace, then Mr. Douchye West had to come and show that once again for all his mic skills his social graces are sorely lacking. (I wondered at that point if he was contractually obligated to be an ass at award shows)

Hip hop does not own MTV, neither does Bey, and apparently the people that voted picked the video that they liked. Now don't get me wrong, I like the video for Single Ladies, the dance routine is on point, and one of these days I will learn the whole thing, but the video for You Belong to Me is actually one of my faves right now because it tells such a cute story. It is like a mini movie and I am sure a lot of people can relate to it. Bey gets cool points in my book for foregoing her acceptance speech in order to let Taylor finish hers.

Kanye performed with Jay-Z, and Rihanna on the premier of the new Leno show last night and before the performance he sat down with Leno, and I give Leno points for asking him what he thought his mother would have had to say about his actions. I think from now on Kanye should ask himself that when he feels the douchebagery urges overtaking him. "What would momma think/say?" Maybe that could save him from so often putting his foot in his mouth.

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Katuska said...

Well stated, Simone! I've enjoyed reading your reality check to Douchey there! ;-) And...I do agree with you on most points! Keep speaking your mind!