Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Glass houses and other random stuff that I want to talk about...

People that live in glass houses should not throw stones. You know because why? Because I can stay in my glass house and pelt rocks at you standing on the street outside said house. I may hit you a few times, but a lot of those rocks would miss. Now if you choose to retaliate and pelt rocks at my glass house, then you don't even have to hit me. You just need to hit the section closest to where I am with a big enough rock to cause it to shatter into a million pieces one of which could possibly catch me in the jugular or femoral artery and BAM. I dead.

So if you live in a glass house, don't pelt rocks. It could get you dead.


Two-faced people irk me. They really do. What annoys me most about them is that they will talk all kinds of sullbhit about you and try to make you seem like the bad person, when in fact THEY are doing (for real) the very thing they are accusing you (incorrectly and unjustly) of doing. Things done in the dark always have a way of coming out into the light.


Being comfortable in your own skin is a wonderful thing, but I don't necessarily need to be comfortable in your skin as well. Now that summer has finally decided to show up I am forced once again to deal with women and men alike who apparently do NOT know how to dress themselves. I swear foh the Father, Son, Holy Ghost, the Cherubims, Seraphims, and all the saints that if I have to see some females parts in the streets or be in a position to know if her hair colour is natural or not, I will NOT BE HAPPY!. I mean come on now. cover that up! And dudes. You know what. Crack is whack. Whitney may have been on it when she said that, but sometimes crackheads say the darndest things. I don't want to see your crack. I don't want to know that you have a daffy duck drawers fetish. I.Just.Don't.


No means No. If you ask me something and I tell you No, don't bother asking again cause the answer will still be No. There are certain things that are non negotiable in my world. Don't bother trying to change my mind. Don't try having long discussions trying to get me to see it your way. Won't happen. Does that make me stubborn? Yep. Do I care? Nope.


Live yah life.. ayyyya ayyyya ayyyya....
Seriously. Just live YOUR life. Not the life that someone else (other than God) wants for you, but the life that you want for yourself. Do you and be happy.


That is all.

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Thumbs up to you.