Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stuff This Chick Hates 1

1. Stupid and/or senseless kids.

True Story:

So I am in the nailery (is that a legitimate word?) on Monday getting a mani and pedi. As I am sitting there soaking my nails (I had wrapped my own nails for a bit and was taking the wrap off), these two girls are at the table with me doing the same. Turns out they came to the shop and each got a full set done, but when it came time to pay, neither one had money. They called their uncle to ask him to come pay and he told them no because he hadn't given them permission in the first place. So the shop owner got rightfully upset and made them sit and soak them off.

Seriously, this really happened.


All I could do was shake my head. I mean come on now. What did these girls (they had to be between the ages of like 10 and 13 at the most) think was going to happen? Did they think the owner would have just let them walk out without paying after two people just basically wasted an hour each doing their nails while PAYING customers where there waiting for service.

Incidents like that are why some days I really think about just not having children.

2. Stupid and/or senseless adults.

True story

So I am coming home from work on Tuesday and am on the bus when this couple (or at least they knew each other some kind of way) and proceeds to stand abreast of each other right at the front of the bus. Now any one who has ever taken the bus in NYC or any city for that matter will immediately realise why this would be a problem. It made no sense to me because the bus was not even full. There were seats right there in the front. They could have sat down, but no they had to stand right in the front and then want to side eye people and look put upon when other passengers trying to get on the bus asked them to move.

Why are people stupid? Really. Why?

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