Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A bag of hot nickels

And five minutes in a sealed room...

That is what I want to have at my disposal should I ever get the chance to meet up with the waste of brain matter that shot and killed controversial doctor George Tiller in church.

Now to be clear I absolutely do not agree with the practices carried out by Dr. Tiller, however I get seriously annoyed when these alleged "Christians" who are anti abortion go about committing these kinds of acts in the name of God.

What I want to ask these types of people is what kind of Bible do they read, or better yet do they even read the Bible. Last time I checked, though interpreted into many languages and versions, Exodus 20:13 still says "thou shalt not kill" (or more applicable to this case, the NIV Bible reads "you shall not murder")

There are no footnotes to the 10 Commandments. There is no addendum that states "thou shalt not kill except in the following cases..." The Bible clearly states that murder is wrong so I am at a lost as to how someone who is supposed to be a "Christian" can justify so blatantly going against the Bible which is supposed to be the guideline for how they live.

Harsh though it may sound, I hope the person who committed the crime is prepared to surrender his own life. If he was willing to take the life of someone else in the name of God(in the house of God no less... shaking my head at that), then he should suffer the consequences as laid out by that same God. You purposefully and knowingly take a life, you lose your own.

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Anonymous said...

As a Muslim living in America, I feel the same. I don't suppose I have to explain why.