Monday, April 20, 2009

He's with me now

"She maybe a hoe but she is my hoe and I can change her."

It occurred to me today that the whole "I can change them" mentality is really one sided. A woman will take up with a no account man on the firm belief that she can change him, however you do not really see men doing the same thing.

There are many women in committed relationships, or dating men who are known to be manwhores. There can be all sorts of evidence, surveillance tapes, signed affidavits, and eyewitness accounts, yet the woman does not want to hear any of that because, "he's with me now." Think about it, when was the last time that you saw, heard of, or read about a guy in relationship with a female and upon finding out she was loser than the elastic in your favourite pair of undies that you only wear in the house on weekends when there is no chance of you having to interact with civilisation, his response was "she's with me now, I can change her?" Not never. Why? Because guys do not settle down with fixer uppers.

I am not a total pessimist, and do have delusions of romantic grandeur which lead me to believe that for the right man or woman, a person will want to better themselves, but that is not what I mean in this instance. I am talking about when women discount obvious character, moral, and life flaws simply because they believe that since the guy is with them now he will change his ways and stick faithfully to her. Somehow I feel that this type of logic is fatally flawed and boarding on manic or delusional.

begin random thought blast: Eric Bennet (however you spell that) stepped out on Halle Berry... Halle freaking Berry... the chick that was voted the most beautiful person at age forty after popping out a small being... now unless she is like a major shrew at home(which I somehow do not believe)it does make one ask the question, if a guy would step out on the supernova hotness that is Halle Berry, why do the thirty watt soft light women of the world think it cannot happen to them?end random thought blast

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