Saturday, January 10, 2009

When it's no longer a gardening tool

At what point does a person, male or female, cross the line from being one who enjoys the pleasures of life to being a ho?

This debate has been raging (well I don't know if it is really raging per say but a lot of people are talking about it) for the past week on various sites and blogs that I frequent and it is really intriguing to me.

What makes someone a ho?

Sidebar: Now there are many that would automatically start the answer with something along the lines of "well a woman is considered a ho if..." and I would have to stop them right in their tracks. In my opinion there are far more manwhores than hoes out there in the world but ladies get a bad rap. Granted it is wrong no matter what gender you are, but men seem to get away with it more that women do. Why is it that if a guy sleeps with every female within a 5o mile radius he is just sowing his wild oats, but if a woman sleeps with every male within 50 mile radius she is looser than your bowels after mistaking the bar of ex-lax for a bar of chocolate?

Is it the quantity of people slept with that indicates hoedom or is it the quality of the game spit to get into the respective undies? Is a man a manwhore because he has slept with 30 women, or is he a manwhore because he pretended to want real relationships with 30 women to get them into bed? Is a woman a ho because she slept with 30 men, or because she slept with 30 men to get them to buy her stuff?

I am of the opinion (see disclaimer) that it is not so much about how many people you sleep with, trick with, mess around with, or whatever, but more so how you go about doing it. If you are up front and make it known from the get go that all you are looking for is a one night stand, jump off, quick fling, or what have you, and both parties are in agreement and accordance, well then suit up and have at it. However if lies and deceptions are used, and one party is mislead, or used in some way then that denotes hoedom.

So again the question, what makes someone a ho?

DISCLAIMER** the views expressed in this post in no way indicate the acceptance of sleeping around. just so you know, the Ranting Auntie is not down with that, but hey inquiring minds do wonder about things from time to time **

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