Monday, June 7, 2010

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

I think I am slow. Well actually, I don't. I just feel that way when faced with certain people and their particular problems.

So let me get this straight, mister man or sister gurl treats you like you are expendable and only remembers that you exist when they want something. They take you for granted, and make you a non priority in their life. You do everything for them, go out of your way even, and they don't even acknowledge it. You put 110% into the relationship (friendship or otherwise) and barely get .00674% back. The relationship causes you nothing but stress, heartache, and or annoyance, BUT YOU WILL NOT WALK AWAY!?!?!?!?

Sorry to say it, but you are a fool. Yeah, I said it. You are a fool.

If you willingly let a person walk all over you and take you for granted, whether that person be friend, family, or loved one, then I call you all kinds of a fool. All you are doing is giving that person permission to use you. When they know they can do what they want and you will just roll over and take it then you better believe they are going to go about their business without giving you any thought.

Letting yourself be used is not the business, and when it happens and you realise it, the first thing you should do is run for the hills. I never understand when people bemoan how this and that person causes so much trouble for them, but they will not walk away from the person. I don't understand this phenomena of "oh he/she did me dirty, but we are still friends". Really? REALLY? R.E.A.L.L.Y!!!

If someone is in your life who is no good for you, LEAVE THEM ALONE! Walk away and keep it moving.

That is all.


Tiffany said...

I understand where you are coming from but those are situations that are easier said than done. You may not have gone through the situation but put yourself in a person's shoes who is going through that. Those people may have said they are going to walk away and stop letting themselves get used but they don't have the strength to do it. You looking from the outside in a 3rd person says the logical thing of get out of the situation. Plus they are not fools they are people in situations who need help. There is much more to that than you know about.

Bunny said...

There is a lot to comment on your thought, if it your loved one then just don't even bother if you get back anything for your good will, you just do what is good from your own self.
If you are referring to somebody let the person just be somebody and just keep going on.
It is all about yourself and your own self nature and well being that lets you to do anything. If some thing is making you happy by doing it, just do it and don't ever bother if you get anything in return of it.

Leigh said...

wow, I really think you're right. But sometimes it's not that easy to just walk away.

Aaron Ahlquist said...

I completely agree. Like they say, "Don't tread on me!". There are some people that are toxic, and should simply be left alone. Unfortunately, some of these people are family members. If someone hurts you, it is best to just walk away. Just walk away! It is confusing when I hear of all these people who allow themselves to be treated so poorly.

34 and not counting- reflections said...

Well, i rant like that too at times. Ideally, we should be able to avoid toxic people and stay away from them.BUT , easier said than done! Some are family members whom u can't avoid meeting and even helping out of a sense of duty. Worse- you could even be living with them. This is life, yessir! But yes, i do hate masochists and people who start glorifying in being sacrificing. So i guess, one needs to pull his chin up , grit his teeth and do whats required , avoiding heartache.

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