Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pots and Kettles

Lately I have been noticing an interesting trend where people would want to condemn someone publicly for the same behaviours and acts that they are committing privately.

I know that double standards are the norm in this day and age, but it still surprises me that people can be such hypocrites. My mind is amazed at how quickly people are willing to throw each other under a bus in order to keep the spotlight off of themselves. Or how easily they will tell someone "you shouldn't do that" when they know they are sitting at home or in the streets doing the same thing.

What I think irks me the most about it all is the fact that they act as though no one realises what they are doing, or if people realise it that for some reason it is to be over looked and we should all just play along with the farce. Really? Really? I call bull on that whole notion.

That is all.


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