Thursday, December 18, 2008

He Got Game?????

Back on the block and ready to drop knowledge on you like a hot bag of nickles.... sometimes the truth hurts....

So true story...

And it goes a little something like this:

Dude: hey you seem like a nice lady, can I call you sometime?
Chick: I don't think that would be a problem. My number is *********
Dude: ok well let me give you my numbers as well.
Chick: ok so I will know who is calling
Dude: well you would have to call me first, you can call me at work and they will find me. My phone is off right now. I will probably put some money on it next week to see if I can get it turned back on..
Chick.................. ***crickets***................

This is a true story. This really happened. Really.


How have we as a society gotten to this point? What point? The point where a guy would feel OK with revealing that type of information. Your phone is cut off because you are behind in payments and you will TRY to put money on it! CTFO now!! (Come The _uck On for those not up on the abbreviations) CTFO!!

According to my logic this is a bad situation all the way around. Why? Well doesn't it stand to reason that if you are behind on the cell phone bill (and first off how high is your bill anyway? who you talking to? what are you doing with that phone?) there are other things that you are behind on? Also, if you are behind on the cell bill because you are playing a game of robbing Peter to pay Paul (which happens sometimes I know but still) then that leaves me to wonder about your money management skills. Futhermore, if you are having a cash flow issue, how are you planning to support the cause of taking someone out?

He got game? Absolutely NOT!

Grade F-


Sam said...

I'm so glad (now, not so much then) that I was never actually on the dating scene.

metgirl4ever said...

that is freakin' hilarious!! and simultaneously utterly sad and pathetic!! Definitely a boy and not a man.